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Welcome to, we hope that you enjoy using the site and that you check back regularly for updates. Below is a guide to help you use the system more effectively. For your convenience, help page has been developed so that some of your more common queries can be answered quickly. If you have a more specific question. Please contact us. We shall be looking forward to hear from you.

Registration & Creating Your Profile
What is is a India’s best online match making, matrimonial & dating service provider. Users can search their life partner through online instant chat system. Thousands of profiles are online every day. Members can upload pictures, videos, music, chat, send personalised messages, send quick messages, instant chat, chat rooms, create blog, write comments on pictures, videos etc.

Is there any Membership/Registration fees?
Registration/Membership is FREE. You need to register in order to place a profile as your registered name is what identifies you in the system and allows us to find your profile for you to edit through the 'My Profile' option. Tip: Enter your e-mail address carefully as your password is automatically sent to this address. If you make a mistake, you will not receive your password.

How do I know that I have been successfully registered?
You have to activate your email once signed up and then you will be notified by e-mail.

Is there any limit for my account to contact other profile members?
No, there is no limit. You can view unlimited profiles, chat with unlimited members, send and receive unlimited personal messages, contact unlimited members.

How do I know that the particular member is genuine?
We do not guarantee that particulars about the members are true, so its your responsibility to check first by sending some email messages before you arranging your first date.

What are the advantages of registering on
• Hassle free from membership reminders
• Chat with other members online
• Send unlimited express interests
• Send Unlimited friend request or create unlimited friends
• Send unlimited mails messages
• Contact Unlimited members
• View unlimited profiles
• Instant multi room Chat System
• View unlimited profiles
• Add Photo / Video / music to your account

How much do I have to pay for premium membership on
You pay Nothing, its FREE.

I have registered, but my profile is not available online why?
Once you registered you have to activate your email. If you don’t activate your email your profile will be offline and no others will able to search you including you.

Are there any specific DO's and DONT's while creating a profile?
DO's -
1.Well be as detailed as possible while creating your profile. After your profile is activated, be sure to fill in the Partner Profile, Your Hobbies & Interest and also to upload a photograph for better Response. The more information you add the more your chances of finding a partner.
Dont's -
1. Don't Use your contact details?email address and your 'Phone No' In About Your Self and About Your Family Field's. It may be misused by others.
2. Don't include content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist in About Your Self or About Your Family or in any other text area/box. Your profile may get rejected if you do so.

Editing Profile, Partner Preference Profile setting
How do I make changes/edit in my profile?

To edit Follow these steps:
• Log in and go to my account – Click Home
• Then click edit profile and make changes to your Profile.

How to protect my details(friends) of my profile?
You can set Privacy option who can view your information(friends) of your profile.
You can set them by following steps:
Log in – go to my Profile - privacy setting and make necessary changes.

How do I know who see my profile?
Follow these steps:
Login – go to Settings– click Privacy

How do I know My Matches (members who match my profile)?
Login to your account and click search. Then click on “My matches” option.

How do I set my Partner profile (Partner/Members I am looking for)?
You can set your partner profile from your Partner Preference from my profile- go to my profile- click edit profile and change you partner preference there. Here you can specify what kind of person you are looking for. The more information you add the more your chances of finding a partner.

How do I cancel my account?

Click settings- then click privacy--under who can view my contact details select cancel account option and submit.

Photos, videos
How Important is to include a picture?
Picture is the first impression to your viewer and you should not give them a blank first impression. Adding you Photo is one of the most important aspects of your profile, it increases your Response up to 10 times. Most members won't even search your profile without your picture.

How many pictures I can include in my profile?
At members can upload unlimited Photos.

How can I Upload My Profile Image?
You can submit the profile image while registering. Or if you want to upload it later, then follow these steps. Login to your account, click on Home, then my profile, then click on the Empty Image, and upload a new photo here. You can also Edit/Crop your Image after uploading. Click on edit thumbnail on right and select the area you want to crop or display on search results.

How can I Crop/Edit Thumbnail image of my Profile Image, which is displaying on search results?
Login to your account, click my profile, then click on the Empty Image, upload a new photo here. If you want to show your only face on this picture, first upload the picture then click on Edit Thumbnail on right. Select the area of the Image you want to display and click submit at the bottom.

What is the recommended size of pictures to upload?
Please upload/add your photo in .gif and .jpg format having size less than 1MB.

How do I protect my Album photo?
You can protect your album photos by creating a “Album Password” on it. You also have privacy options who can view your Photo. Select one of them suits you.
Note: we strongly recommend that you must display your photo, as this is the first thing when someone interested in you. If you don’t show your photo to other members, they will not even look in to your profile no matter what you have written in your profile. You can However hide your profile or all other related info like contact information etc, so that members can contact you first. But this will only be possible if you have your photo added and displaying in search results.

Is my Photo is secure online?
Yes, we have terms & conditions for fraudulent people. Who violate our conditions we take strict necessary steps. Your photo is also protected by “” water Mark.

Do I have security options for Video?
Yes, you can secure your videos also by going to privacy options page under setting page under your account panel.

Contacting members
What are the contact options at
Members can contact by following:
• Express Interest
• Send personalized message
• Chat online with members
• Instant message system
• Email messages

How do I contact other members?
You need to be logged in and Follow these steps:
Log in to your account and the you have these options to contact:
• Express Interest
• Chat
• Instant messages
• Email
• Personal message
Likewise, when other members like your profile they can contact you using same procedure.

How do I chat private with other members?
Members have 2 options for chat. First - Login and search the members you like. Click “chat now” for private 1 to 1 chat. Second – on home page you can see the “Chat Now” button, click on that and a footer chat window will be opened, where all the members who are logged in to the site will appear, and you can chat there with unlimited members in different rooms.

Instant Messenger - The Instant messenger gives you a private chat facility for other members that are logged in to the Instant Messenger. When launched, it will display member. This action will display a message box for you to enter a message. Click an emoticon to enter it at any point in your message and press send to message the user. Although you can communicate with several people simultaneously, with different window opens, only the member you are messaging will see your message.

Can I delete/remove a member after having accepted him/her to view friend request?

Yes, you can not remove/delete a member once accepted by you.

How many personalized messages I can to member/members?
You can send unlimited messages to all members.
Can I send messages to any of the members of
Yes, you can.

How can I send messages to members?
Select profile then click send message.

What is the Inbox folder in the Messaging System?
The Inbox Folder stores the messages received by you from other members of Open the Inbox Folder and read your messages.

Do I have history for messages?

How will I know when I receive a message in my Account?
You will be notified by email. When you receive a message, it will come in your login home page stats and in your message box.

Login / Password
What are the Logging options at
You can Login with the following:
• Username – you must remember this and you can not change this.

How can I change my username?
Usernames cannot be changed after registration. If you really want a new username, you will have to register a new account.

I cannot login to my account it says invalid login?
Make sure your caps lock is not on. If not use “forgot password” option or your account may be offline because of some reason. Reason may be you have violated terms of use, in this case pls contact us. You also must activate your email address at the time of registration. In any case you can always send us a message.

I forget my Account ID or Password or both?
You can retrieve your password by clicking on Forgot Password. It is very important that you give your e-mail address. If you have forget mentioned e-mail address then lost your profile on, we still can retrieve your user ID and password but you must send us some clues like your user ID(username) or email or your name which you may have used at the time of registration and it may take days before we can send you your user ID and password.

How do I change my Password?
Click on change password option under login text box. Enter your old password and then for the new one and confirm the new password.