New at Internet Dating? Avoid Info Overload.

Ten or fifteen years ago, you met people through friends, at parties, or at your favorite club or bar. But today, internet dating is slowly evolving into the world's new "bar scene." According to a recent study, internet dating will be almost a billion dollar industry by the year 2011. What does this mean? It means that millions and millions of people are going online to find love. And that more and more are doing it every year. Mostly, this is great news. Sheer size is great for giving you plenty of variety when you join a large internet dating site like Datepad. There are thousands of people, thousands of choices... and maybe hundreds of people that have traits that you're looking for in a partner. While having plenty of people to choose from is wonderful, it can also cause a bit of information overload. Especially if you're new at internet dating, joining a site for the first time can make you feel like your head might explode with all of the options and information being packed into it. How do you choose among so many potential dates? Information overload is a normal part of internet dating-- especially if you're just getting started. But there are things that can help you to focus on your goals and avoid feeling like you're being pulled in a thousand directions at once. Follow your instincts. When you're just getting started with internet dating, you may find yourself reluctant to reject a potential date outright. After all, the reason you joined was to have variety, right? But if somebody contacts you and one look at their profile and/or photo tells you you're not interested, listen to your instincts. When you're dating on the net, it's easy to waste time with inappropriate matches. Dealing with fewer of these means dealing with less info overload. Ask straightforward questions. When you meet somebody in a bar or at a party, you don't want to bombard them right away with dozens of questions about themselves. But people who use internet dating sites understand that, with the huge number of people online, it's important to get right to the point. So when you contact somebody or they contact you online, take the time to decide on and ask the questions most pertinent to you. Ask about their hobbies, future goals, pet preferences, etc., if those things are important to you. Not all of the information you need about a potential partner is listed on their profile, so it's okay to ask. This will help you to quickly decide who deserves a second (or third) look, and who should be crossed off your list of potential partners. Have a 100% honesty policy. Honesty is probably the most important element of internet dating. And unfortunately, it's also one of the rarer ones. To simplify the process, it's incredibly important that you be 100% honest from the get-go. Imagine trying to juggle making decisions about potential dates based on their profile information and keeping your own story straight to avoid having your fibs exposed. Talk about information overload! When it comes to internet dating, simple is best. And the best way to keep things simple is to keep them 100% honest. It's what you want from the people you date, after all, right? With the sheer number of potential partners online, it can seem impossible to keep all of your options --and all of the information you learn about them-- straight. But if you start small, get specific, and keep it simple, you should be able to avoid the worst internet dating info overload.